sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2018

You Have Seen Their Faces

Um livro de Erskine Caldwell & Margaret Bourke-White, fotógrafa.
Os dois percorreram o sul dos Estados Unidos à procura de caras para frases de personagens de anteriores romances do Caldwell.
“The South has always been shoved around like a country cousin. It buys mill-ends and it wears hand-me-downs. It sits at second-table and is fed short-rations. It is the place where the ordinary will do, where the makeshift is good enough. It is that dogtown on the other side of the railroad tracks that smells so badly every time the wind changes. It is the Southern Extremity of America, the Empire of the Sun, the Cotton States; it is the Deep South, Down South; it is The South.”