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poetolatry, n.

[‘ The worship or immoderate veneration of poets.’]
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˌpəʊᵻˈtɒlətri/,  U.S. /ˌpoʊəˈtɑlətri/
Etymology: <  poet n. + -olatry comb. form. Compare earlier bardolatry n.
Apparently coined by C. S. Lewis (see quot 1936 at main sense).
The worship or immoderate veneration of poets.
1936  C. S. Lewis in Ess. & Stud. 21 165 There is yet another way in which Personal Heresy offends against personality;..I am referring to the growth of what may be called Poetolatry.
1939  E. M. W. Tillyard  & C. S. Lewis Personal Heresy v. 104 Naturalism..wants poets to be a separate race of great souls or mahatmas. Poetolatry is the natural result, for if there were such a race..those who know no higher deity would do well to worship them.
2000  E. Alsen New Romanticism iii. 241 Romantic ‘poetolatry’ has produced a tradition of phoney..individuality.
 poeˈtolater n. a person who practises poetolatry; a worshipper of poets.
1936  C. S. Lewis in Ess. & Stud. 21 167 Most poetolaters hold that a dead man has no consciousness.

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